2CV Expedition

Sightseeing and Innovation Expedition

Road-trip for individuals
Learning expedition for professionals

2CV Discovery Expedition from Bordeaux

Book a discovery tour and, after the presentation and driving our 2CVs, during your trip, you are in the driving seat, throughout the expedition in convoy driving an iconic innovation !

Discover the unique practices of an innovative and dynamic region :

Road-trip :

The schedule for your 2 to 3 day expedition :

  • With family or friends, you stay and visit the area and its expertise.
  • You meet passionate people and you join in fun activities (artisanal workshops, sports activities and discover local heritage). Optional, we can also include a Rally component in the trip.

You choose the theme for your tour :

Learning Expedition :

The schedule for your 2 to 3 day expedition :

  • For professionals during a learning expedition, we design your tour theme and itinerary according to your specifications.
  • You will meet on your journey start-ups and innovative companies. They are checked out by our expert local innovation guides in line with your strategy and business objectives and your “use cases”.
  • “Tailor-made” to decode trends that will impact your business model, customer experience or operational efficiency.
  • At every stage, you develop opportunities and partnerships during exclusive moments.

You choose the theme for your tour :

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