Skywalker – 2CV Expedition

21 st century flying machines

Number of people

6 to 15 people


2 days


€350 per person excluding accommodation

Overall description

Accompanied by CapBurdi, this 2-day tour from Bordeaux will give you the opportity to discover, during this“Learning Expedition” or immersive journey,  a variety of the region’s innovative aspects of the Aeronautic and Space sectors.

After the presentation and handover of our 2CVs, during your trip, you are in the driving seat throughout the expedition : driving an iconic innovation !

Explore unexpected and dynamic New Aquitaine :

  • visit innovative companies
  • visit regional industrial activities,
  • and visit a research and innovation centre dedicated to space and aeronautics.

Surpirse yourself discovering all this experise talking with passionate and exciting people from this important sector in the region.

Each date offers a specific program depending on the sites open at that time :

  • Out of the ordinary : drive our 2CVs, an innovative vehicle in its day ;
  • Sightseeing: travel through the gentle Aquitaine countryside at the tempo of our cars with gourmet and sightseeing breaks ;
  • Play : take part in Rally stages with discovery workshops.

Services provided


Organization of an all inclusive guided tour


Evening entertainment
"Club 2CV"






Presentation and handover of a 2CV


Meal reservations

Transport to/from station or airport or place of accommodation


Accommodation reservations

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