Tour in 2CV

The educational tour in dynamic sectors and Living Heritage Companies

Number of people

6 to 15 people


from half a day to one day


165€ / people

Would you like to discover the sectors of excellence in Nouvelle-Aquitaine ?

So, play as the explorers of the territory for a day to discover the local businesses engaged.

Choose from the Bordeaux region, the Charentes and the Basque Country

Also, do not forget :

  • Your driving license
  • A deposit check with our partners (1000€ approximately)

Finally, a reminder of your commitments :

  • The tenant agrees to respect the Highway Code

CSR and the 2cv ? Find all our commitments HERE

So let’s go for the slow-attitude !

The driving tour in 2cv vintage car

Choice of themes

The road-book

Your trip

First, select the sector and companies that interest you from several possible routes :

  • Leather, luxury and textile industries and crafts
  • Forest, wood and paper industries
  • Agriculture, agri-food and fisheries sectors

Then, when booking the tour, you receive your logbook and our guide will accompany you along the route with the 2cv.

What is included :

  • The roadmap with an itinerary of educational visits related to climate change ;
  • And, renting the 2cv or Méhari from our partners (insurance included and full of gas) ;
  • And finally, a start briefing and handling of the vehicle at our partner.

Then your excursion allows you to visit active companies.

Thus, you discover at every step with your guide the know-how of excellence of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region !

To reveal the manufacturing secrets and environmental progress made by these companies with :

  • guided tours ;
  • manufacturing demonstrations ;
  • presentations related to ecology.

Now, you will rumble, laugh, and even meet nostalgics, at the gentle rhythm of your so called “deuche” vintage car ! Wonderful moments to remember…

Highlights :

  • The presentation of the economic sectors and enterprises of the territory
  • And also, the environmental awareness to reflect on its own impact and important measures to take
  • Thus, the 2cv educational circuit is the perfect activity to combine discovery of short circuits and environmental awareness.

On the way to your educational circuit!

Each tour date offers specific visits according to the current open sites:And also, the environmental awareness to reflect on its own impact and important measures to take

  • Then join us for a unique immersive adventure.
  • And, dive into the heart of the sustainable practices of today’s companies !
  • Also, we recommend booking in advance to guarantee the availability of the experience.

Organization of an all inclusive guided tour


Company visits, meetings, tastings


2cv in convoy

For groups of friends, family lovers of know-how and exploration of environmental practices.

You wish :

  • explore the evolution of more sustainable practices ?
  • consume local as a positive measure to contribute to a greener future ?

For all group events, or on the sidelines of conferences and seminars to know the territory differently

You wish :

  • gain a better understanding of the different environmental practices adopted by companies ?
  • spend a convivial moment while enjoying a lighting on sustainable development locally?

Choose your dates and book online!

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Sectors of excellence: choose your route and companies to visit

Leather, luxury and textile industries and crafts
  • strong of 3300 craftsmen,
  • 3360 enterprises
  • around 160 companies labeled “EPV” meaning Living Heritage Companies
Agriculture, agri-food and fisheries sectors in Nouvelle-Aquitaine:
  • he oyster sector, the leading producing region,
  • the wine sector, the leading region producing appellation wines and spirits
  • the leading sector in the fruit and vegetable sectors
Forestry, wood and paper sector :
  • with 50,000 jobs,
  • 2.8 million hectares
  • the first French maritime pine harvesting region
  • the second region for hardwoods

Want to know more ?

  • Nouvelle-Aquitaine is at the forefront of innovation around gastronomic quality and craftsmanship.
  • Among the 6 IG (Geographical Indications) recognized, find the famous Charentaises and Basque linen in our routes.

Historical know-how with an international reputation not to be missed!

Your Amélie guide goes every year to the “RDV des Savoir-faire d’excellence” to make the committed players in this sector attractive.

CapBurdi is a member of the Club “Tourisme de Savoir-faire” run by the Comité Régional du Tourisme de Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Want to know more ?

  • There are more than 6,100 certified organic farms in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!
  • 301 products under official signs of quality and origin on 01/01/23.

Impossible to miss the first economy of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The region is committed alongside stakeholders to create value in a sustainable way, in particular with the project “VITIREV, let’s innovate for environmentally friendly wine regions”.

Since 2021, Amélie Demanet has intervened for this program alongside the Chambre d’Agriculture de la Gironde and still today with the Eurekawine project for the Communauté de Communes de Montesquieu.

Farms and vineyards engaged in agroecology to truly meet! Do your shopping now!

Want to know more ?

  • The forest occupies 34% of the territory of Nouvelle-Aquitaine!
  • The sector includes forestry and logging, sawing and woodworking, the paperboard industry, structural work.
  • More than 60% of wood volumes come from sustainably managed forests.

The region at the forefront of innovation around the Xylofutur competitiveness cluster: a national recognition that piques curiosity!

Amélie Demanet joins the cluster every year to support the development of innovative companies.

Since 2018, CapBurdi organizes every 5 years itineraries as part ofthe international Woodrise conference on high-rise wood buildings.

Next circuit : next October 20th! The circuit is open to novices, book now…