Gift voucher

A gift voucher valid for 1 year for an educational getaway
in 2cv or Méhari or Burton

Number of people

From 2 people


from half a day to one day


30€ / itinerary

What if you had to make an original gift to one of your loved ones?

Know that friends, family, your parents, or grandparents love the 2cv !
  • Obviously, there is Christmas (but you can’t decapitate the 2cv …), it would be a shame !
  • But there are also birthday gifts, a retirement, a wedding, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, …
It is to offer a memory that fits into time :
  • The assurance of having a good time,
  • To be a little nostalgic, to leave with nice memories,
  • An immersive experience that the person will be delighted to tell.
If you rent a 2cv or Méhari from our partners, do not forget :
  • Your driving licence
  • A deposit check (1000€ approximately)
  • Return of the vehicle with full fuel
  • The tenant undertakes to respect the rules of the road
So let’s go for the slow-attitude !

4 routes to choose from

Self-drive getaway

What is included

  • First, you download our logbooks for day trips,
  • Then, several durations and itineraries are possible: 1/2 day or day according to your desires !
  • Finally, you rent your 2cv or Méhari or Burton from our partners.

With your getaway itinerary, you will then independently discover companies and explore how different professions are adapting to climate change.

You leave at your own pace enjoy authentic encounters. Will you be able to discover the environmental progress of those who will welcome you?

  • First, your roadmap with an educational tour itinerary related to climate change ;
  • Then, an activation code for renting the 2cv or Méhari or Burton from our partners (insurance included and full of gas) ;
  • Finally, a start briefing and handling of the vehicle at our partner.
Now, you will rumble, laugh, and even meet nostalgics, at the gentle rhythm of your deuche! Beautiful moments that you will remember…

Highlights :

  • Visits to local companies with an exploration of ways to reduce their carbon impact
  • Then, the environmental awareness to reflect on its own impact and important measures to take
  • Also, adept of slow-tourism, this educational activity is made for you to combine autonomy and discovery at its own pace.

On the road to your climate adventure!  

Each route offers a specific program and options depending on the sites open at the time :

  • Join us for a unique immersive adventure ;
  • Immerse yourself in the sustainable practices of today’s companies !
  • We recommend booking in advance to guarantee the availability of the experience.



Company visits and authentic meetings

Manage your route at your own pace

For passing tourists who want to know the environmental practices of local businesses

You wish to :
  • explore the evolution of more sustainable practices ?
  • consume locally and be encouraged to take positive steps to contribute to a greener future ?

For the clubs 2cv wanting to make known to the members in a friendly moment the companies engaged on their territory.

You wish to :

  • gain a better understanding of the different environmental practices adopted by companies ?
  • make your members discover your region differently ?

Choose your dates and book online!

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