Escape Game in 2CV

The Tour back to the Futur
Lead the Climate Change Survey to Save the Earth

Number of people

6 to 15 people


from half a day to one day


165€ / people

It’s not about getting out of a room like a classic Escape Game!

CapBurdi offers you the opportunity to make an unusual educational circuit with a mythical and popular car.

Play as half a day to a day, a team of environmental detectives from the 1970s tasked with solving different puzzles in our present time! The world has changed …

Will you be able to reveal their environmental progress to return to your space-time and save the planet?

  • Will you bring back enough solutions?
  • Can you design an eco-friendly 2cv?

So, discover the jobs that adapt to climate change by criss-crossing the roads of Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

You can choose your Escape Game theme, and have at your leisure to enjoy driving this simple and popular car, a flagship of innovation invented before the Second World War!

CSR and the 2cv ? Find all our commitments HERE

With CapBurdi and the Tour to the Future,
really escape by changing space-time


The tour to the future

You are Special Envoy

At each stage of the circuit

Here you are in the 1970s!

The secret services have asked you to save the planet: Professor ODD came to help you transpose yourself into the future of 2025 and facilitate your itinerary.

Bring back valuable ideas to apply 50 years ahead!

Good humor and conviviality will be part of the game by interviewing actors who are involved in sustainable development. They really open their doors especially for you!

During your survey, you discover indicators that reveal the environmental progress made by these companies:

  • guided tours
  • then manufacturing demonstrations
  • and finally, quizz to solve related to ecology

Book your tour with your road-book


Do not forget

Your company visits

  • The roadmap with an itinerary of educational visits and riddles related to climate change
  • Renting the 2cv or Méhari from our partners (insurance included and full of gas) ;
  • The departure briefing and handling of the vehicle with our partner.
  • Your driving license
  • A deposit check with our partners (1000€ approximately)

your commitments

  • The tenant agrees to comply with the Highway Traffic Act.

Conduct your survey of stakeholders who are investing in sustainable development:

  • sustainable materials
  • environmental technologies
  • the Circular Economy
  • the uses of water
  • wood in construction, …

Now, you will rumble, laugh, and even meet nostalgics, at the gentle rhythm of your so called “deuche” vintage car ! Beautiful moments that you will remember…

So let’s go for the climate adventure!

For companies interested in educating their employees about sustainability and environmental practices

You wish :

  • surveys in connection with locally engaged and innovative enterprises
  • explorer l’évolution de pratiques plus durables ?
  • be encouraged to take positive steps to contribute to a greener future?

For professional networks, lovers of links and riddles on sustainability and environmental practices.

You wish :

  • develop engagement and discovery through play?
  • gain a better understanding of the different environmental practices adopted by companies ?
  • become aware of your own actions on the environment?

Organization of an all inclusive guided tour


Company visits, participatory workshops, riddles and quizzes


2cv in convoy with assistance

Highlights :

  • The presentation of the history of the 2cv
  • With a design game of an eco-friendly 2cv with an exploration of ways to reduce its carbon impact
  • And the collaboration between the participants
  • With also, environmental awareness to reflect on its own impact and important measures to take
  • And so, the 2cv Escape Game is the perfect innovative activity to combine discovery and environmental awareness.

The Tour to the Future, an exclusive in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

From Cognac, Rochefort and Arcachon

Each date of Escape Game in 2cv or Méhari proposes a specific scenario according to the open sites of the moment :

  • Then join us for a unique immersive adventure.
  • Then, dive into the heart of the sustainable practices of today’s companies !
  • Also, we recommend booking in advance to guarantee the availability of the experience.

Choose your dates and book online !

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