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Dyonisos – August 19, 2022



Detailed program

Integrated modern viticulture, innovation in the heart of the vineyard

Integrated modern viticulture, innovation in the heart of the vineyard - 110 km

8:30am: Appointment at CapBurdi

Adresse : Zone d’Activité Economique, Chemin du Bussaguet, Le Taillan-Médoc

Included: visits to innovative winegrowing companies in ecological transition with stages in 2CV: from 6 people, this circuit is proposed in convoy with animator in charge of managing the stops stages and the course of the circuit.

2CV Home, Overview and Operation

After a few moments in hand, take your team of 2 to 3 people in each 2CV. Take the wheel in your turn and drive alongside us, communicate with walkie talkies with other crews.

You take the wheel alongside your co-pilot guide to cross a multitude of picturesque villages and see many famous castles.

3 Tours of castles in the Medoc producing organic wines and in reasoned viticulture, with tasting of several vintages.

After a few kilometres, a break is in order. Park, a guide is waiting for us at the Château La Dame Blanche, or at the Château d’Arsac, in viticulture HVE3 for an open stop, in mode “Tour and tasting” or “Artwork and tasting” .

On departure, driver changes are possible. RDV to Château Fourcas Hosten for a discovery of a vineyard worked in 100% organic with a tasting in the privacy of the chartreuse.After our picnic and a few kilometres away, meet Château Hourtin Ducasse for a tasting workshop for gourmet palates. It’s already time to return.

Escape game Grand Cru?

As an option, you can extend your pleasure on arrival with an “Escape game Grand Cru”. Will you be able to open the mysterious cases of wine in 45 minutes?

Age requirements : 21 years and 2 years of driver’s license

class=”JsGRdQ”>Day trip: morning from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm with lunch break included in picnic format and return by 4:30 pm

Optional: Grand Cru tasting workshops and escape game.

Partner castles are given as a guide. In case of a closed site, the program is adapted without changing the spirit of the circuit.

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