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CapBurdi, The road to Innovation

Innovation is a popular concept and everybody is talking about it …but only a few transform Innovation in successfull new offers

CapBurdi propose to  support you to boost your innovation and generate new projects and added value offers that your customers expect. We will transport you through workshops or specific tours created for you, in an historic region which innovates continuously. The cradle of one of the most popular wine regions, Aquitaine is surfing the wave of technological development and will surprise you by the dynamism that drives this so beautiful French region.


Organising Innovation workshops and programs which fit with the strategic vision you have defined on a theme that you want to boost


Travelling across the Aquitaine region to discover applied innovation in your favourite Field of interest


To carry out through the region on your Innovation discovering tour you will drive The most French popular vehicle from a previous ear: the 2CV Citroën, a true symbol of successful innovation.

for who

  • Your management teams
  • Your Researchers and developpers
  • Your marketing and sales teams
  • Your Human resources team
  • You, your clients and your future clients
  • You and your partners or suppliers

CapBurdi’s strengths

Wide experience of Research and Innovation in various sectors :


– Plastics

– Chemicals and water treatment processes

– Additives in the Pulp & Paper, Textile, food & Beverage industry

– Services and system in energy

– Treatment and recycling of waste

– Urban transit

Experienced R&I management :

– Management of a portfolio of 300 projects

– Management of the experts and expertise  network

– Management of about 170 partnerships

– Creation and achievement of innovation programs

– Organization and realization of innovation events

– Value of results from R&I


A network of SME’s  :

– Management of R&I (RIST)

– Marketing of Innovation (DIBS conseil)

– Team management (Osphere)

– Organization of events

– Catalyser of creativity (MVA)


A network of highly qualified personalities :

– Managers of R&I in major companies

– Founding managers of SME’s and start ups

– Lecturers and Professors leading innovation

– Managers of innovation networks

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